App Store Apps for your FlickRocket Shop

Realtime Shipping Cost Calculation

This app enables shop owners in the United States to retrieve real-time shipping costs for shop orders from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Individual services can be enabled or disabled. In addition to the app, API accounts with each enabled service are required.  Features Supports national and inte...

Pay-by-Invoice Checkout

This app adds a pay by invoice checkout option to your shop. Payment by invoice is the most widely used payment method for B2B sales and is also increasingly used for many B2C shops with trusted and reliable customers.The app offers the following functionality:  Allow invoice payments world...

Pre-Payment Checkout

This app adds a pre-payment checkout option to your shop. The content is made accessible/goods are delivered after the payment has arrived.The app offers the following functionality:  Allow invoice payments worldwide or only in your home country/region. Specify payment options and terms sep...




Zapier provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for integrating Flickrocket with dozens of other web services. Simple to set up and you don't have to mess with APIs or writing any code at all.Fully automate integration between Flickrocket and dozens of services. Want to get a text message for ev...



US$ 99.00

More than 10 million people and e-commerce businesses all over the world use MailChimp. This integrations allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. And Mailchimp's detailed reports help you keep improving over time and making more money.When you co...



US$ 19.90

This app enables you to create and manage individual licenses for the products in your shop. Features Create individual licenses on top of predefined licensesCreate licenses with specific settings (e.g. individual runtime, devices supported, export restrictions, burn count, etc.)Works for a...



US$ 4.90

This app enables you to create and manage categories for your shop. Features Assign a product to one or multiple categories Utilize theme specific category features Use Category related SEO features Plans Included in SILVER and GOLD

Inventory Management

This app enables you to manage your physical product inventory. Features Enter stock inventory for all or select physcial products Works for all products or individual products Define at which inventory level you'll get notified Define at which inventory level the shop warns the user Integr...

Enhanced Shipment Options

This app enables you to offer enhanced shippment options to customer of physical items Features Ability to offer multiple different shipment options at different cost Support for tracking codes  Shipping notification email Tracking codes in "My account" shop section Plans Included in ...