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Access Groups

Access Groups

US$ 149.00

This app enables you to allow access to your content to members of one (BASIC) or more access groups. An access group can contain any number and type of content under a common license. All member of the groups have access to all content in the group as long as they are group members. Feature...

BigCommerce Plugin

BigCommerce Plugin

US$ 99.00

This plugin is used as bridge between BigCommerce and Flickrocket. It has to be purchased after the 14 days trial period. The purchase is automatically invoked from within BigCommerce and there is no need to purchase directly in the Flickrocket App Store.For additional information about the BigCo...



US$ 19.90

This app enables you to create and manage individual licenses for the products in your shop. Features Create individual licenses on top of predefined licensesCreate licenses with specific settings (e.g. individual runtime, devices supported, export restrictions, burn count, etc.)Works for a...



US$ 4.90

This app enables you to create and manage categories for your shop. Features Assign a product to one or multiple categories Utilize theme specific category features Use Category related SEO features Plans Included in SILVER and GOLD

SOFORT Überweisung

The plug in contains the following products of SOFORT AG: - SOFORT Banking Information about our products can be found on our website regarding the integration can be found in our integration center.Please note that requests made on this site can not be answered. Don't ...

Inventory Management

This app enables you to manage your physical product inventory. Features Enter stock inventory for all or select physcial products Works for all products or individual products Define at which inventory level you'll get notified Define at which inventory level the shop warns the user Integr...

Enhanced Shipment Options

This app enables you to offer enhanced shippment options to customer of physical items Features Ability to offer multiple different shipment options at different cost Support for tracking codes  Shipping notification email Tracking codes in "My account" shop section Plans Included in ...

Physical Shipments

This app enables you to set physical products that are shipped to customers.  Features Products can contain EAN/UPC code assigments Shipping price is calculated based on physical products in order Shipping prices based on destination Shipping prices based on weight Pick-and-pack suppor...

Discount Codes / Gift certificates

This app enables you to create discount codes / gift certificates which can be redeemed in the shop.  Features Works for all products or individual products Specify direct value or percentages Supports multiple values for different currencies or countries Supports keeping and voiding o...