Access Groups

This app enables you to allow access to your content to members of one (BASIC) or more access groups. An access group can contain any number and type of content under a common license. All member of the groups have access to all content in the group as long as they are group members.


  • Set up one (BASIC) or more (SILVER, GOLD) access groups
  • Assign any number or type of content to access groups
  • Define the rights for members of an access group via custom license
  • Content automatically becomes inaccessible after group membership is terminated
  • Add group member manually or send automated invites
  • Sell group membership via your store
  • Batch import of group members from CSV files
  • Allow self-signup of members for groups (SILVER, GOLD)
  • Restrict self sign-up to certain domains, such as all users from (GOLD)
  • Extended emailing capabilities for group based mailings


  • There is no fixed storage or traffic limitation/charge for group content.


Included in GOLD

Access Groups

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